SoP Progress

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had time to post updates, but here’s a few photos:


Each “trolley” coming together. These are the “wheels” that slide across the tracks.


Please excuse the ugly bird-poop-quality welds- if I had the time I would have made them much nicer. But they’re strong, that’s all that matters for now.


I couldn’t find the right sized rollers for the arm fulcrum (aka the “FUBAR”), so I had to make them custom.


The frame is coming together.


The lengths of recycled Unistrut I used for the tracks ended up being more warped than I realized, so I wasted a lot of time straightening them out. Fortunately, once I was able to get the track/trolley assembly together, everything rolled relatively smoothly.


Hopefully I can post more updates when I can. Only 10 construction days left!

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