Son Of Pendragon

A lack of time and funds threatened to postpone construction of the new machine, but after a few issues were resolved I think it will be ready for Burlington in time.


Above you can see the 6.5′ pieces of unistrut that will be the tracks which the axle carriage will slide on. A third piece has been cut in half which will be welded underneath for strength. The unistrut pieces were salvaged from a previous job.


In the above photo, the piece on top is one of the reinforced tracks, with a WIP below it. The flat steel with the odd cut-outs is another salvaged piece that will be cut up and used for counterweight (each piece weighs 18 lbs, and I have 10 of them). The three pieces of unistrut below it will be made into the CW hangers, and finally the rectangular steel pieces will be main structure of the axle carriage.


Each side of the axle carriage will get three axles and bearings (as the main “wheels” to roll down the track) and four rigid casters will keep everything aligned.


Unfortunately the bearings I bought were metric, and won’t fit any of my axles without modification. As it turns out, the store I bought them from sells both metric and non-metric bearings and I didn’t notice. Oh well.


More updates to come.