Drill Sergeant

Now that winter is mostly over I can finally start to work on the projects I’ve been putting off- including doing some more testing with my baseball-and-mini-pumpkin-hurling, drill-powered slinged-centripetal machine.


One of the things I’ve learned about these types of machines is how powerful drag can be, even with a small machine like this. One suggestion I got was to use two drills, so that’s what I’ll be trying next.


So the plan is to make something like a transfer case in a 4×4, but in reverse- use a chain drive to combine two power sources into one. Right now it’s almost done, I just need to make sure everything is lined up properly and attach it to the machine.


Once that’s done the plan is to measure the RPMs and compare 1 vs 2 drills, and eventually test the range.

2 thoughts on “Drill Sergeant

  1. Angiportus says:

    Good to see you are still around! The double drill idea might work but make sure they are evenly matched, and so is the strength of the hands turning them; I fear that an imbalance might cause one to make the other act as a generator, and this would not help the hurling process. All right, my understanding of this is not perfect, but time will tell.
    You might also experiment with gear ratios, if you have a bigger drill around.

    • That is a concern- fortunately both drills have the same make, voltage and max. RPMs so it shouldn’t be a problem. I guess I’ll find out! Both drills also have high & low gears, which I’ll try out when I do my arm RPM testing.

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